When NY1's (and Pat's Papers') Pat Kiernan agreed to help us out with some tips for New Yorkers on how to celebrate Canada Day a few weeks back, we had no idea just how deep his national pride ran in the desire to give our readers an authentic Canadian experience. The first three readers who responded to his Canadian pop star-themed trivia question were treated to a round of poutine, courtesy of the beloved local anchor.

Tracking down a place that served the French-Canadian delicacy presented a bit more of a challenge than expected though. With poutine spots Inn LW12 now closed and T-Poutine not yet open, the group ended up at the popular East Village french fry spot, Pommes Frites. Any skepticism over why the dish is so beloved was quickly erased when the group was sated with their greasy styrofoam cups.

A few things we learned about Kiernan:

  • He's actually not a fan of poutine, but was a good enough sport to dig in along with everyone else and made a pretty considerable dent in his fries.
  • Despite living in Edmonton during the height of the Oilers' dominant reign over the NHL, he didn't give into temptation and poof out his hair, "Great One" style.
  • He's quick to utilize the music-recognition app Shazam. We learned this during a genuine transcendent moment collectively experienced by our group at Pommes Frites. Just after Pat had distributed our individual bowls, someone noticed that the radio happened to be playing "I Just Wanna Stop," the biggest hit by one of the Canadian artists he had quizzed readers on—Gino Vannelli. Unfortunately the iPhone application isn't as up on its Canadian AM classics as Gothamist readers are!
  • As if taking everyone out wasn't enough, Kiernan was even willing to go along with one person's request to settle a long-standing beef with a bully who promised that he would ease up on our reader "if Pat Kiernan told him to." Pat's only condition was that any such video "never find its way to YouTube." Here's to a viral video craze that could have been!
  • That being said, he turned down our request to send a text to NY1's Dominic Carter for a shout out when we spotted him live on-air hosting Inside City Hall. Kiernan may have just feared the wrath of guest Marty Markowitz who we imagined might never forgive us for not trekking out to Sheep Station in Park Slope for Brooklyn's version of the french fry experience.

Thanks again to Pat Kiernan and the three lucky readers who were quick on their tweeting feet. Who knows when Pat's generosity might strike again? Following him on Twitter might be the only way to find out.