Beginning today, the New York Transit Museum (the only museum dedicated to public transportation in the nation!) will start showing off their goods. Their collection includes recent arrivals and "the best and most unusual of the Museum’s acquisitions," as well as the stories behind them. Ever wonder how they get their hands on these pieces of commuting collectibles?

Collecting at the Transit Museum tends to be a bit different from the way most museums collect. Often in the nick of time a call comes in triggering an instant expedition to a construction or demolition site in order to rescue pieces of transit history before they are lost forever. In this frenzied yet exciting manner the museum is able to salvage all sorts of artifacts from subways, buses, bridges, tunnels, and railroads locations.

Running through November 2nd, there will be plenty of time to take it all in (should you want to revisit a time before all the MTA fare hikes); here's a sneak peak.