NY1 reports that the NY Times is getting rid of more stock listings in its paper edition, citing newsprint costs as well as the fact that "more readers are getting the information [for small Nasdaq, foreign, and preferred stocks, which are being eliminated] online, long before it appears in the next day's paper." This means that the World Business section will be rolled into the Business Day section, and Gothamist is glad. What the NY Times does not need is another section. Yes, advertising dollars, blah blah, but sometimes it's a struggle to stuff the paper under our arm or in our bag. And when Gothamist takes the Times out to read during our commute, a section inevitably falls out.

Also, in the NY Times' latest issue of the company newsletter (or what we think is the company newsletter; maybe it's a company newsletter for investors), Times Talk, there was a feature about how many trees went into the production of the November 10, 2004 paper issue. By far, the most trees die for the Business Day sections, 673, compared to the Metro (270 trees) and National sections (83.25). (Here's the PDF of Times Talk; tree stuff starts on page 12.)