If an internet petition couldn't save Freaks and Geeks, can one possibly save the arts listings from the Sunday Arts & Leisure section in the New York Times?

Probably, because the current petition in question is not being generated by a group of fans, but by the influential theater ad agency Eliran Murphy. The Times public editor has chimed in on the situation with an editorial piece that says the powers that be are reviewing the matter in response to consumer reaction in support of the listings. What would a reinstatement of the listings mean for the fate of Choire Sicha's The Guide? Would they would just run his selective events guide with the bigger listings?

What the Times piece doesn't mention is the buzz going around Broadway that the theater ad agencies are threating to boycott advertising in the Times on behalf of their clients, big theatrical producers. They spend a bundle on ads in the Arts & Leisure section, and can't bear to lose a freebie. Do you miss the listings? Are you going to sign the petition? Or do you prefer to get your fix from Time Out, The Village Voice, NY Press, The Onion, and the scads of other local publications that run arts listings, not to mention the abundant listing-heavy websites.