Hey, did you guys hear about that super secret underground rock climbing spot in Brooklyn? The NY Times blog The Local wrote about it yesterday, but oops, the first rule of super secret clubs is that you don't talk about them! So today they took the story down, after many other sites already picked it up. They explain, "the author of the piece identified himself to several climbers but not to the people who run the space. We had concluded, based on the author’s initial pitch, that he planned to be upfront with everyone, and we neglected—our bad—to confirm this after the piece was filed." And now what they dubbed the "best kept secret in Brooklyn" is getting even more attention. And who doesn't want to be a part of the "drinking, socializing and crawling across the walls" scene, especially whilst "the scent of pot smoke, fermented beer and body odor mingled in the damp air." It's nice to know this kind of poetry will live on in Google cache.