So, there's a third act surprise in Million Dollar Baby that critics have alluded to but haven't mentioned, out of respect for the moviegoing experience or something like that. Well, the NY Times ran a story (if you click on it, even the headline will spoil the movie for you, so you're officially warned - and here's the link) yesterday about some anger about the film. Movie City News hilariously calls the NY Times the "Paper of Wreckord" and posts a reader's angry email to Times public editor Daniel Okrent and the reply from someone in Okrent's office, a person who happened to have Million Dollar Baby spoiled because of that headline. But Gothamist feels there is another problem: Thanks to Google News, if you do a Google search on "Million Dollar Baby," you get the Times headline and link.

Roger Ebert gives his spoiler-filled thoughts on the controversy; Million $ Baby was his top movie of the year. The other NY Times story about Million Dollar Baby only mentioned the product placement for Clorox.