The Post tallies up the city's most eligible bachelors (and, yes, the usual suspects are there, like Derek Jeter, Rocco DiSpirito and Adrien Brody as well as some not so usual, like Billy Crudup – who knew the dump the soon to be mother of my child type which is hot to Page Six and homophobe Jeremy Shockey; Gothamist, though, is thrilled with the inclusion of chef Marcus Samuelsson, sigh). The Post also adds what their pros and cons would be. A few examples:


, 30. Tall, dark, super-serious mayoral press secretary went to Collegiate, then the University of Pennsylvania. His sister is a successful playwright. Pro: He can give you a private tour of City Hall and Gracie Mansion. Con: A romantic evening would end early bcause Skyler works 18 hours a day, starting before dawn.

ETHAN HAWKE, 33. The adulterer/actor finally shed his pretty-boy image this summer, brazenly cheating on wife Uma Thurman. Pro: Plenty of women would like a shot at taming this rogue bull. Con: Might guilt you into reading one of his weak novels. [Ed.: So true, his novels suck... just don't ask Gothamist how we know.]

Pharell Williams; Photo: NY Post

, 30. Pop production whiz's maddeningly catchy beats legitimized Justin Timberlake, and cameos of his Curtis Mayfield-like falsetto are becoming ubiquitous on hits by Jay-Z and others. Pro: Makes more than you do in a year to tweak a Britney Spears song. Con: Approaching a P. Diddy-like level of oxerexposure.

JULIAN CASABLANCAS, 25. Doe-eyed son of Elite Models founder John Casablancas sings for hot rock band The Strokes. Pro: His band is actually good. Con: Wears "ironic" 1980s concert T-shirts by Def Lepard and Michael Jackson.

Sadly, there are no real tactical, useful cons like "Is ass ugly, though rich," "Bad kisser," "Crazy coke fiend," or "Dumber than you'd think." Gothamist will just wait for Gawker to field readers' first hand reports of these bachelors.