Little Boomerang; Photo - Daily NewsIn a great story that wraps up cute baby animals and stupid media tricks, the Daily News uncovers that in an attempt to develop a follow-up story to Ming the Harlem Tiger, the New York Post's Al Guart ordered a lion cub online only to dump it at the same animal reserve Ming now resides in, after the cub fell. Originally planned as an expose on animal trafficking, lion cub "Boomerang" was probably taken from its mother too soon, and when the cub started to wheeze and refused to eat from the bottle, Guart dropped him off at Noah's Lost Ark in Cleveland. The animal handler who transported Ming to Noah's Lost Ark tells the Daily News, "Any moron can go and buy whatever he wants. I want to know whether the New York Post is going to feed and pay for its care for the next 20 years." The Daily News called Guart, and his only comment was "Don't call this number again!"

AdAge goes inside the NYC Tabloid Wars: "The New York tabloid wars are heating up, with the Daily News plotting an ambitious drive to boost reader and advertiser buzz in the face of sustained circulation gains by archrival New York Post"