While most people would love to be mistakenly thanked in a bands liner notes, the New York Philharmonic do not want Cheap Trick to want them. The Philharmonic is suing the classic 70s power pop band for listing the orchestra on the liner notes of its "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 40th Anniversary recording.

According to their suit, Cheap Trick "falsely suggested to the public that the New York Philharmonic, or members thereof, performed on or otherwise participated in defendants' record album." The Beatles-re-creation came out last year, but the lawsuit states that the two parties continually failed to come to an agreement. They actually suggest that the band, who perform the theme songs for That 70s Show and The Colbert Report, may have confused them with the Los Angeles Philharmonic! But this is Cheap Trick they're dealing with; they never surrender, even after the clock strikes ten, even if you send the dream police after them. Their only weakness: southern girls.