Last night the side of the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Peter Jay Sharp building became a canvas, displaying messages of support for Boston. The messages projected read: "Peace and Love," "It shouldn't take a tragedy for us to come together," "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that" (a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote), and NY ♥ B (in the Red Sox font).

These were created by NYC Light Brigade and The Illuminator ("a political art project that emerged out of Occupy Wall Street") who use light projections to display their messages. As of right now (12:10 a.m.) they are still airing the stream from outside of BAM on Lafayette.

This afternoon's explosions at the Boston Marathon killed 3 people, and injured over 100 (with dozens still in critical and serious condition). The FBI has taken the lead on the investigation, which is ongoing. [via NYC Light Brigade]