When most people think of a comics convention, they think of nerds. Despite San Diego's Comic Con rising to the status of media event of the year, the event will never get away from its roots in Princess Leia costumes and fanboys waiting for hours to get an autograph from Stan Lee. But over the years, the comics convention has become a more sophisticated event, attracting attendees from every corner of nerddom. It was no different at New York's Comic Con at the Javits Center yesterday, where Wookies and Captain Americas mingled with book publishers and illustrators.

Though smaller than San Diego's event, the New York Comic Con has definitely become larger than the comics world itself. Though comics publishers like Marvel, DC comics, Dark Horse and Top Shelf all had their booths and displays, so did Square Enix video games and Harper Collins publishers. Video games about zombies and new titles from Donkey Kong were tested next to a new game called the "Michael Jackson Experience" (think of Dance Dance Revolution except solely with Jackson's songs). Panels about Will Eisner's New York and the life of Harvey Pekar came alongside some like "Steampunk 101" and "Voltaire."

Yes, there were Wookies. Yes, fans lined up for Stan Lee and Frank Miller. Yes, a person in a full-sized Gumby suit was dancing to "Billie Jean" on stage. But computer programmers, professors and artists made a strong showing, reminding everyone that the mark of a nerd is their intelligence and wit, not their incredibly accurate Hellboy costume. Though that was awesome, too.

NY Comic Con continues all weekend, open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. today and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow.