Thanks to everyone who stopped by the NY Bloggers Talk last night at the Apple Store. It was a fabulous turnout, and, speaking on behalf of the speakers and moderators, we appreciated your support and great questions. And Gothamist is planning another talk, so let us know if you have any suggestions for topics.

Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton, before their talk

Gothamist also would like to thank: Jason Calacanis, Nick Denton, and Jeff Jarvis for a spirited (though less punchy than wished for, to be honest) discussion about the future of publishing blogs; Anil Dash, Paul Ford, and Meg Hourihan for enlightening us about what goes into designing blog publishing tools (less nerdy than it sounds, for those who missed it); and Felix Salmon, Lockhart Steele, and Choire Sicha ( and Jen) for being good punchlines. Yay!

Also, thanks to the Apple Store for hosting the event and the Merc Bar for welcoming a bunch of folks to slake their thirst.

Everything NY has some notes on the evening: Publishers' panel, technology panel, editors' panel. And, people, please track back with your posts on the evening - we know you have blogs!

Jeff Jarvis blogs from the Apple Store

More photos from Bluejake.