Various personalities of the blogging world will collide at the NY Bloggers talk at the SoHo Apple Store this Monday, May 3. See Buzzmachine's Jeff Jarvis moderate/referee a discussion with web publishers Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis. ftrain's Paul Ford chats with Meg Hourihan, Anil Dash, and Jason Kottke about technology. And Felix Salmon will find out what kinds of medication Choire Sicha, Lockhart Steele, and Jen Chung must be on during the editors panel. Plus, Jake will be running around as the water boy. We can also promise question-and-answer time as well as some surprises. All in all, a great opportunity to see the bloggers you love (to hate?). Be there to be square.

NY Bloggers Talk
May 3, 2004
SoHo Apple Store
103 Prince Street