A nurse who works with cancer patients at NYU Medical Center left a touching thank-you card for the pilot and flight crew who flew her to NYC on Christmas day. The pilot shared the note on Reddit, where the nurse was immediately trolled right down to the studs. If you're a hard-hearted cynic who thinks this note comes off as not-so-subtly self-important, you'll really enjoy this Reddit thread. A few highlights:

  • Looks like she is more concerned with telling the pilot how great she is rather than actually thanking him or her.
  • Your job is important because it makes it easy for me to enjoy my vacation and still get back in time to do my much more important job.
  • Thanks so much for working on Christmas. I hope you reflect on my much more important job on the return flight… Fuckin' peon.
  • Maintenance got no love today. Oh well....
  • One time when we were about to board a southwest flight out of Detroit, the ticket handler got on the PA and coordinated everyone lined up along the concourse to wave through the window to one of the bag handlers on the tarmac (to show our appreciation because it was butt-fuck -teens cold out there). All the love for those heroes on the tarmac. Hey look I complimented without mentioning what professional career I belong to!

Please don't ever try to do anything earnest or reach out to another human being with an expression of sincere gratitude; the Internet will just rip you to shreds. (That said, I wouldn't mind a nice thank-you note for all my hard work reblogging Reddit on a lonely Boxing Day with an estimated ten people online.)