We've stayed pretty quiet about HBO's Girls once the show started—there were plenty of accolades and criticisms being passed around the internet; there were a lot of feelings being had; a lot of opinions being Tweeted. But when it comes to 30 minutes of television, it's advisable to just tune in or tune out, and not waste too much time analyzing the lives of fictional characters and/or tearing apart somebody else's creative vision. (It's possible the author of this post is just sensitive from that time her art teacher gave her a D on a charcoal sketch because art should not be graded.) Personally, we loved the show, and are happy that it's coming back for a second season—but how did you feel about it?

Were you upset that "you" weren't portrayed? Did you feel it was unrealistic? Have you been hating on Lena Dunham because her family might be rich and have you been judging her creativity and talent on that totally unrelated aspect of her life? Did the show feature your favorite bar and now it's packed whenever you just want to sit down with your thoughts and a nice glass of whisky? Did it give you HPV?

If you're undecided, or just want more... HBO is running a marathon this weekend.

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