The last minute shoppers are out of the way, so check out the holiday windows from 34th Street (Macy's) to 61st Street (Barney's). We believe they'll be up until at least the first week of January (though there is no way of telling when stores actually take out the displays.) A walking tour map is provided if you should need one. Too lazy to walk? Check out some of this years window art here.

These temporary works of art on view daily to thousands of passer-by (not just tourists! Often photobloggers or flickr account holders.) We like comparing the previous windows with current one's, below is one of the Saks windows from 2004 (left) and a Saks window from this year (right). Apparently to the window artist, Christmas = lonely children. We bet you can buy happiness and friends in Saks, kids!


A holiday window tidbit: "The Lord & Taylor building originally housed an auto dealership on the first floor; the showcase windows are mounted on hydraulic lift systems that lower into the basement where cars could be driven on, then raised back into position. Decorators work on the holiday windows in the basement while above, the day-to-day window displays are mounted on temporary flooring. Other department stores have to cover their windows during installation." [via Jim's Deli]

[Photo at right via NYC Stories]