The eagerly-anticipated new zipline and aerial ropes course at the Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure open on Friday, July 7th, and we can confirm that it's an exhilarating way to reconnect with nature and challenge yourself at the same time.

The Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure Zipline is as exciting as it looks—once you're secured, you step off a platform 50 feet off the ground and fly 400 feet across the Bronx River. Then you climb to another platform for the return trip back, and maybe this time you'll be able to enjoy the scenery!

If you really want to test your mind and body, tackle the Ropes Course. There are a total of seven courses: two beginner (yellow); two intermediate (green); two advanced (blue); and one expert (black). Each of the courses has 8-12 elements, like lily pads, swinging log steps, "Indiana Jones" bridges, moving ladders and zip lines.

Climbing enthusiast Jake Dobkin completed two yellow and one green before trying out a blue course—a rookie mistake, it seems. "My biceps feel like they've been ripped out," he said, after he was rescued two-thirds of the way into the blue course. "I could totally do a black level course if I started fresh, though!"

He credited the friendly staff, positioned throughout the course, for talking him through the challenges and being a cheerleader at times. Dobkin also took advantage of the water stations at the course hubs and advised, "Drink a lot of water between courses so you don’t pass out and die."

The experience emphasizes safety: Participants, who must meet weight and height requirements, are given harnesses with Smart Belays, watch safety videos and complete a training course before heading to attractions.

Cellphones and cameras aren't allowed on the course, and that's a good idea: Instead of being distracted with taking the best selfie, being phone- or camera-less allows you to focus on being safe and observe the course, developing strategies from watching other people's journeys.

The two new attractions, located at the zoo's Bronx River entrance, are separate tickets from a zoo ticket, and you can buy entrance for Zipline ($34.95), Ropes Course ($64.95 for a 2 hour ticket) or both ($74.95 for a 2.5 hour ticket). It's pricey, but, hey, you can get there by subway! (A ropes course in Connecticut runs about $57 for 3 hours).

And it's a pretty good way to help you conquer your fear of heights:

(Andrew Washington / Wildlife Conservation Society)

Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure is at Bronx River Parkway at Boston Road (the Bronx Zoo's Bronx River Entrance B). Hours during spring, summer and fall are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. on weekends; winter hours are TBD.

As for weather, the Treetop Adventure FAQ says, "Only severe weather conditions such as lightning, high winds and heavy down pours will temporarily close the courses. (A light to moderate rain is merely another challenge to overcome on the adventure course!)"