On Saturday, we shared video of street artist Judith Supine scaling the Queensboro Bridge to install one of his signature oversized hanging poster work pieces. Now it appears the authorities are going after him.

The NY Post reports, "The stunt may have drummed up some publicity for the artist’s weekend show at Mecka Gallery in Williamsburg, but he could be in trouble with police, who are are reviewing the video, sources said." Supine's stunt comes as officials are already embarrassed by the WTC security breaches. And Senator Charles Schumer told WCBS 2, "These days you say who else could climb to the top of the Queensboro Bridge for a much more evil purpose? We have to be far more careful with our landmarks, with all of our entryways. Far more careful."

The video shows Supine and his videographer walking on the bridge and then heading up:

Supine has made trespassing part of his work: In 2007, he hung a large-scare portrait of a man hanging from the Manhattan Bridge; in 2009, he placed a work at the very top of the Williamsburg Bridge; and, also in 2009, he put a piece in a lake in Central Park. Supine said to WCBS 2, "It’s just something I like to do for fun. To be naughty and run around the city and put my art in places I’m not supposed to."

We're guessing CNN employees will be trying to scale the Brooklyn Bridge this afternoon.