A look at some noteworthy television programs this week:
Color BarsAmerican Experience: The Berlin Airlift (Monday 9:00 p.m., WNET 13) A look at the use of airpower for good when the Allies supplied Berlin with food and other necessities via air to get around a Soviet blockade.

The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman (Monday 10:00 p.m., WNET 13) The life, work and legacy of the Nobel winning economist are looked into.

Frontline/World: The Cell Next Door (Tuesday 9 p.m and Friday 9:00 p.m., WNET 13) The PBS documentary series takes a look at a home grown terror plot.

The Supreme Court One Nation Under Law; A New Kind of Justice (Wednesday 9:00 p.m., WNET 13) Part one of a look at one of the least known parts of the three legged stool that makes up the government American republic – the Supreme Court. This program takes a look at the beginnings of the court until the Civil War. Part two airs February 7 at 9:00 p.m.

30 Rock (Thursday 9:30 p.m., WNBC 4) If you haven’t been watching this locally set and produced series this would be a good week to start. Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Reubens guest stars playing a prince and one can expect that wackiness ensues.

Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials 2007 (Friday 9:00 p.m., WCBS 2) The title of this show is somewhat misleading, since this will be a countdown of what online voters consider the 15 all time greatest commercials that aired during the Super Bowl and not the ones airing this year. If you want to watch an hour of ads, this is the show for you. Still, it doesn’t seem like you need a full hour time slot to show just fifteen adverts, so expect filler.

Dateline NBC (Saturday 8:00 p.m., WNBC 4) Dateline NBC (Saturday 8:00 p.m., WNBC 4) Taking a break from trapping internet pedophiles, NBC’s magazine show has scheduled an interview with fresh out of rehab Miss USA Tara Conner. One can expect the choice of Dateline NBC has nothing to do with Donald Trump owning the Miss USA pageant and having a popular program on NBC.