One of our readers left us a link to the picture above on our Contribute page, along with this comment:

Can you start a campaign encouraging coke whores like these to leave the homeless alone? Or at least call out these stupid girls like peter bruanstein or the subway flasher.

Your wish is answered: we are calling these girls out to explain themselves. And come on-- to the nice people behind Last Night's Parties, pictures like this are just stupid and offensive. Homeless people in New York have enough problems without being used for a cheap laugh by nightlife photographers. Please return to taking pictures of Sophie Dahl and downtown chicks flashing their boobs. Thanks.

UPDATE: Some investigative commenters think that the "homeless guy" is actually another hipster from the party, and that he's lying on the ground wrapped in a blaNket in imitation of a homeless person. We'd like to go on record as saying that pretending to make fun of someone pretending to be a homeless person is still gross and insensitive.

UPDATE 2: Heidi, from the band Quarterslot, writes in one of the comments:

It really kills a joke when you have to explain it, but here goes:

This staged picture is making fun of all the "Cobrasnake" graffiti in the LES. You'll notice it on the wall in the picture. The obvious concept of this shot is to make fun of the Cobrasnake's stereotypical work. Mark sometimes features the homeless (& I'm not just talking the homeless hipsters), and one wonders the statement he's making... perhaps as a contrast to his normal subjects, perhaps a lot of things. Probably nothing. Irregardless, the guy in the blanket is a bartender in the LES and a friend of the subjects and photographer.

It's a joke. And you overreacting lot are lame.


The dumb, cheap, ugly coked up strumpet on the right.

We stand behind our initial premise: making fun of the homeless is wrong, even if it's because you're really making fun of a photographer who victimizes the homeless, or something like that! In the future, can't we agree to not take pictures of hipsters smiling and pointing at people who appear to be homeless, whether they are or not? Is that so much to ask, people?