Wondering what the straphangers of yore experienced during their summer commutes? The nostalgia trains and busses are coming back soon, giving you a chance to find out first hand. This time around you'll be able to take the Transit Museum's vintage fleet to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Coney Island, and the Rockaways—and a ticket on board will cost you 50 bucks (just around half the price of a monthly unlimited Metrocard in modern times). And no, there's no air conditioning.

On July 1st, Lo-V cars take passengers to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Museum of Art—where you can catch the summer blossoms or check out the final week of the museum's Keith Haring.

On July 29th, the R1/9 cars of the Independent Subway System will make a trip to Coney Island, where you can soak up the sun and eat some hot dogs... or you'll have an option to stay on the vintage train for additional rides.

On August 12th they'll have their annual Combination Caper, which features both the R 1/9 cars and several vintage buses. "After a spectacular rail ride over Jamaica Bay to Rockaway Park, guests may stroll to the local beach or ride one of the vintage buses to Gateway National Park."

Do you think one day future New Yorkers will gleefully ride our old, broken down C trains?