NYC Transit is running a holiday Nostalgia Train on Sundays along the Sixth Avenue M line between Queens Plaza and Second Avenue. Which means it's time for Levys' Unique New York to offer up its annual Vintage Tea Party—they say, "The Party Like its 1912! Dust off your cravats and unfold your parasols; freshen up that boutonniere and adjust your monocle."

Here are the details:

On 12/12, at 12:12pm, prepare to board the last two cars of an uptown vintage subway car, which will depart from the 2nd Avenue F train station at 1:01pm sharp. Bring tea and tea sandwiches, cookies and crackers, fine china plates and cups and your zippiest threads to impress all the urban travelers on board our antiquated ride. Enjoy live music by The Lonesome Whistlers - a ragtime jazz band! We’ll make our way to Queens, turn around and head back. Afterparty to follow at a LES dive bar, with continued revelry.

It's free, aside from subway fare, and they suggest you bring your "best threads and your finest tea kettles" (it is quite a swank affair). If you happen to go, you can share your photos by tagging them "gothamist" on Flickr or emailing us at