So I guess the rumors are true: - Put a stake in it: Gellar leaving 'Buffy' - Feb. 26, 2003. Spin-off ideas? Along the lines of Joanie Loves Chachi... Anya Loves Xander? I can't think of any more. [Jen]: CNN forgot to mention that A Faith spin-off is probably out of the question: "Rumors of a possible spin-off still run rampant, although the most likely candidate -- based on the character of Buffy's fellow slayer Faith -- now seems iffy at best since actress Eliza Dushku (who plays the recurring role on both "Buffy" and "Angel") has signed on for a drama pilot with FOX." Also, I'd like to see "Spike and the City," "Girl Meets Willow," or "Giles' Creek."