After spotting a struggling future tourist on Yelp, who was receiving very bad information on what to do when they visited New York City, we were compelled to help. After all, those tourist dollars are precious to our economy. So, we reached out to some of our favorite locals—like, ones with Verified Twitter accounts—for their more knowledgeable recommendations. Behold, future tourists, your new tour guides:

Ted Leo, Musician: I think one of the greatest (and most under-used to the extent that I hesitate to even mention it) touristy things to see in the city is my local Brooklyn Heights Promenade and the walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park to DUMBO and back. In my opinion, the Promenade & Brooklyn Bridge Park offer shockingly amazing views of the city and harbor, and even for a non-tourist, it never gets old.

Dun-well Doughnuts (Williamsburg) & Babycakes (Manhattan) make the best vegan donuts. You can also get Dun-well donuts at Champs (Williamsburg)—vegan diner food, breakfast all day.

There are so many different reasons to like (or dislike) any of the clubs in New York, but for "official" venues, I've been really loving the Bell House and Littlefield (both in Gowanus) lately, and for DIY spaces, Shea Stadium (Bushwick).

Listen to Ted Leo & The Pharmacists while you explore! We'll start you off with something tourist-friendly:

Roger Clark, NY1: I would send people to Manitoba's on Avenue B in the East Village. Jukebox has a great variety of punk and sixties rock, plus cool vintage rock and roll photos on the walls. My favorite jukebox is at Library Bar on Avenue A, also a fun spot. But I have to say in my Yorkville neighborhood, Reif's Tavern on 92nd off of 2nd is a good old fashioned neighborhood bar with a backyard deck where at anytime someone can be found grilling up their favorite delicacy. People who walk in for first time walk out as regulars. (At least I did.)

Billy Eichner, Comedian: I suggest that all tourists only buy and listen to music that can be purchased at Starbucks, whether its the latest from Michael Buble, Bobby McFerrin's Greatest Hits or an "only at Starbucks" compilation of strange calypso versions of Ani Difranco songs.

If you're lucky, maybe you'll even run into him on the street:

Julie Klausner, Writer/Comedian: Well, they should definitely learn to walk single file on the sidewalk, and not three or four abreast in front of me. Otherwise, I'd say the wait at Russ & Daughters is worth it—as is the "take a ticket and buy a Dr. Brown's, tip the meat guys if you want more pastrami" experience at Katz's. I'm proud to live in a place that's still lousy with New York Jews like myself, and a lot of people in from out of town may not know that we're good for things besides lending money and practicing voodoo. Regardless, those are two Lower East Side places I'm glad are still around.

Listen to Julie's podcast while you walk around!

Christian Siriano, Designer: Shop around all the great vintage furniture and knick knack stores in Chelsea.

Brad Walsh, Musician: Have at least one of my favorite drink in New York City, the "Melkor's Ghost" at The Vault at Pfaff's on Broadway near Bleecker. It's a chocolatey cocktail so skip dessert after dinner and go straight to The Vault.

Faran Krencil, NYLON Magazine: If you want to look like a real New York girl—the kind who goes out until 5 a.m., dates too many boys in "famous" indie bands, can tell the difference between five types of black eyeliner, and drinks tequila gimlets, not cosmopolitans—go to Court Shop. Located on Mulberry St. in Noho, it has custom-dyed denim, vintage velvet dresses, and tons of cute pieces from local labels like Obesity + Speed, Sophomore NYC, and Chronicles of Never. Shockingly, the stuff is also reasonably priced -you can definitely find an entire outfit here for under $200.