Tomorrow evening Nelson Diaz's exhibition, The Isolated Christ, will travel through the streets of New York (it's likely the least controversial Christ piece to hit NYC in recent memory—remember choco-Jesus?). The work is described as "a pictoral study where Da Vinci meets Einsteinian Math, endorsed by master artist Francis Bacon." Perhaps that's why the four paintings will journey towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where there's currently a retrospective of Bacon's work.

The NY Press recently diluted the idea behind the paintings succinctly, saying, "The Isolated Christ grapples with the theory that the strategic placement of Da Vinci's vanishing point is a way of establishing the transcendence of Christ." In a more current tone, the artist notes the presentation is also a comment on the recession and bringing art back to the streets. If you'd like to see the movable piece, it will take off from outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral at 5 p.m. tomorrow and be walked through the streets to the Met, where it is scheduled to arrive at approximately 7 p.m.