Nolita is So Over

This week's New York Magazine has a nice little piece about the death of Nolita. Basically rents have gotten so out of hand that all the little boutiques are being forced out of business, and replaced by mini-chain stores like Ralph Lauren and Nike ID. More than twenty-four stores are currently empty in the neighborhood, and people aren't sure what's going to happen next. Apparently the high rents aren't the only culprit:

And then there’s the nabe’s previous claim to fame: September’s spumoni-and-beer-fueled San Gennaro Festival. “It’s crushing,” says Lindsay Cain of Femmegems, a do-it-yourself jewelry lab on Mulberry. “Those two weekends in September are really important—everyone is back from the Hamptons and women are excited to get shopping again. We tried to stay open during the festival our first year, in 2002, and there were horrid sausages and rats outside our door every morning, so now we just close."

Nothing says chic like sausages and rats! We mourn the death of Lunettes et Chocolate-- which had the best hot chocolate east of Broadway for lo these last five years. What stores do you guys miss the most?