In October there was a rumor going around that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (of Jersey Shore fame) would be pairing up with The Plaza and possibly becoming a partner and the face of a luxury gym there. But apparently the posh hotel, and national landmark, had enough bad press from the Charlie Sheen incident, and now the NY Post reports that the reality fameball won't be G, T, or L'ing there anytime soon. In fact, he "has been barred from getting involved"!

A hotel rep told the paper, "The Plaza is not working with 'The Situation' on any projects, including the gym space." Ross Franklin, who is taking over the gym services at the hotel, reportedly "wants to start the most exclusive fitness club in the US" and met with Sorrentino to help him out in this mission—luckily, some smart decision-maker over there promptly asked him to ditch The Sitch. Oh well, there's always the HoJo in Newark!