2006_1_nopantswrapup.jpg Last weekend, Charlie Todd and his intrepid band of pantsless improv agents were met with fierce NYPD resistence at the 59th Street 4/5/6 station. The dust has finally begun to settle, and Charlie has posted the video of the event, along with a long wrapup with literally dozens of panty pictures. He also discusses the arrests:

Let's be clear about this. It's not illegal to appear in public in your underwear in New York City (or anywhere, I should think.) Most agents were wearing boxer shorts, but even those wearing briefs appeared no more risqué than folks you can see lying out in Central Park on a sunny summer day...

So apart from wearing underwear, I'm not sure what the police had in mind with "Disorderly Conduct". A NY Newsday article on the incident reports, "A police spokesman said: 'People couldn't get on and off the train and [the stunt] created a hazardous condition.'" That's simply not true. Our agents were the last to get on at every stop, and believe me we would have known had someone been unable to get on the train and wound up stranded, pantless on a platform. The hazardous condition was created when one cop made the decision to evacuate a train that was otherwise running very orderly indeed.

Read the full piece for accounts by each of the detained agents, and check out the NoPants stream on Flickr for plenty of pictures of the event.