If pants are really cramping your style in the new year, then we have some great news for you: the annual No Pants Subway Ride will take place Sunday, January 12th, giving you the perfect opportunity to show off your gams to strangers while arguing over whether you're sitting in the best subway seat or not.

This will be Improv Everywhere's 19th Annual No Pants Subway Ride, a small local prank (it was just seven people in the first year, 2002) which grew into a global pants-nomena in which thousands participate in different cities every year. It's like a NoPantsaCon, and as ever, the main rules for the event are one's willingness to take their pants off on the subway and risk however many communicable diseases, and the ability to keep a straight face about it (which has been pretty hit-and-miss based on previous experiences). Also, keep your underwear on and do NOT use this as a license to be a perv.

Usually the event starts in the mid-afternoon, but check on their website next week for more info. In the meantime, you can RSVP on Facebook, and here’s the event page for the after-party happening at Bar 13.

And now, revisit the origin story of the hallowed event.