The new movie Burlesque, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera, is sadly not the second coming of Showgirls, in fact, New York's real burlesque performers are basically calling the entire production a prude. The Daily News talked to some of the city's real-life stars after seeing the movie; Stormy Leather told them it's not what you'd see in New York, noting that "Neo-burlesque is dominant in the New York scene, and what we saw in this film was definitely more classic burlesque. We didn't see a stocking peel or glove peel. I don't even remember seeing a feather boa."

These outrageous atrocities don't end at stocking peels, either—performer Melody Sweets says "it doesn't represent burlesque past or present. They could have done a little homework." With no stocking peels, it's not surprising that those looking to see a little skin are going to be disappointed, word is that no one gets naked! Which could be a blessing. Anyway, if you want to see the real thing, head to a real burlesque show (above are some performers having fun with the movie at a recent performance)—otherwise, here's what you're in for: