phpsh7OW0PM.jpgLast night the Community Board panel voted against recommending a cabaret license for Studio B, something the club has lacked for years – not that that's stopped anyone inside from getting down. At the core of the club's problem are the neighbors, who are now getting as loud as Studio B's late night parties, while running wild with Footloose laws clenched in their fists. Amongst their complaints are the new roof deck, the trash, the noise and of course the dancing – the horrible, illicit, sinful dancing. This one time one of them saw a girl flash her breasts inside of the club on the dancefloor!

The Brooklyn Paper reports that only about three people spoke in favor of Studio B, insisting that it's not that noisy and, furthermore, the club “put Greenpoint on the map." In an attempt to mollify the neighbors, Studio B's lawyer, Ken Fisher, came armed with a list of compromises, including:

  • Better soundproof on the deck
  • Permanent signage urging club-goers to keep quiet when outside
  • A second set of double doors at its entrance to muffle noise
  • A roped-off smoking pen on the sidewalk in front of the club
  • Better trash cleanup and a security patrol

In the end, the neighbors were not won over, and the panel voted against the club. Fisher claimed a lot of the finger-pointing was inaccurate (blame the patrons!), and that he "was shocked that people in the neighborhood would complain about someone lifting their shirt up." Ultimately CB1's executive committee will meet again and the DCA will cast the final judgment, which could put a cabaret license in the hands of the owners, or not.

Miss Heather, a local who has voiced her distaste for Studio B in the past, has a play-by-play of the meeting from last night. She notes that on July 23th the club "ceased using the rooftop garden because the Mayor’s Office for Special Enforcement closed it down." Rumor has it that some of the upcoming shows have been canceled or moved to Southpaw, which could mean the entire club is now shut down; we contacted the management but have yet to hear back.

Original photo of Studio B by Bryan Bruchman.