032708tunick4.jpgSpencer Tunick and a crowd of volunteer naked people brazenly defied the dress code at the Four Seasons restaurant last Saturday for Tunick’s 75th installation documenting the human form in unexpected places. Other New York locations where Tunick's models have gone au naturale include Grand Central Station and Times Square.

Tunick’s Saturday shoot coincided with the day the Pool Room at the Four Seasons changes its seasonal décor to a Spring theme. This 20X24 photograph was taken with a large scale Polaroid and will be sold at an auction to benefit Free Arts NYC, which for ten years has been bringing art and creative activities to under-served children and families in New York City.

Tickets (starting at $300) and information are available through Free Arts NYC at (212) 974-9092 or online.

Enjoy the bigger NSFW-size version after the jump.