Original photos by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist

Carsten Höller's Experience exhibit opened at the New Museum this week with much excitement, mostly centered around the 102-foot-long slide that visitors can go down. But the entire exhibit is pretty unusual and unprecedented, even including a sensory deprivation tank, called the "Psycho Tank." Inside, visitors float around, often naked, with other visitors, and unsurprisingly the Department of Health has now put an end to that. Even worse: now they're eying the slide.

Turns out the New Museum didn't get permits for any of this, and according to the NY Post, city officials came knocking yesterday. Now only one person at a time is allowed in the tank—a rule the museum itself instituted after the DoH "advised them of the requirements in the Health Code and the conditions that would require approval and a permit." Visitors also must continue to sign a form saying they don't have any conditions or diseases that can be passed along in the water.

Don't expect the city to be appeased by that gesture however, officials are still investigating, and now they've got their eye on the slide and carousel, which may not meet safety standards. (But, one of theme's in Höller's the exhibit is safety!) We've contacted the New Museum for comment on any further changes they may have to make, and will update when we hear back—but we suggest spending the day there before the city starts pulling out the red tape.