Is glitter some kind of magic prison repellent? Earlier this week, perpetually embattled starlet Lindsay Lohan managed to wriggle out of jail time for a Los Angeles traffic collision she was involved in a while back, even though she showed up to court an hour late; now, the Manhattan DA's office says LiLo won't be indicted for punching a psychic at a Chelsea club last year.

Lohan was arrested on November 29th after Florida psychic Tiffany Eve Mitchell accused her of punching her in the face; the brawl was possibly over the singer of a boy band that opened for Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden that night, or over a missing purse with $10,000 in cash, or just because Lohan called Mitchell a f*cking gypsy. Or, you know, drugs. But the DA's office says they have no surveillance or other physical evidence to back up Mitchell's claim, so they're dropping the charges. And it sounds like Mitchell's a pretty terrible psychic if she couldn't see this one coming.

"An alleged gypsy fortune teller tried to grasp her 15 minutes of fame by claiming that Lindsay Lohan assaulted her," Lohan's lawyer, Mark Heller, told reporters. And there's always a chance Lohan can make some money off this: "In fact, there's probably a very strong legal argument that Lindsay could bring her own civil litigation for the false claim," Heller said. "I'm not saying we'll bring civil action, but I think the conduct of the complainant was actionable." More court time for LiLo! The Liz and Dick "star" is set to start rehab in New York sometime next month.