0806harlem.jpgTwo years ago The NY Times visited the changing landscape of Harlem; at the time Maya Angelou told them about her part-time neighborhood, saying, "The hope is there. The minute you look down a street and see a Dumpster, you know that's hope." Earlier this year the paper revisited 125th Street and focused in on long time residents and their apprehension about gentrification and the changes afoot that many cannot benefit from. This was around the same time two more Starbucks entering the neighborhood sounded alarms.

Today, some Harlem residents are finding that if they want to move to a new place in the neighborhood, they're gonna have to pay the piper a lot more than previously quoted, as brokers are "force-feeding the gentrification" to prospective renters and buyers. NYC the Blog's Paolo recently had the following exchange with a real estate agent renting apartments around 145th Street.

"Hmm...well, I'm hoping to find a cute two bedroom for $1,200. No more than $1,500, but at $1,500 it really needs to be perfect, with a nice porch or backyard."

"Oh, you won't find that in Harlem. Harlem is an up and coming neighborhood, and the rents are reflecting that lots of people want to live here now. You can't find a two bedroom in Harlem for under $2,000."

Signs posted

throughout the neighborhood say not to blame the brokers, but those willing to pay the exorbitant rents. Though as pointed out, there are still plenty of 2-bedrooms listed in the $1300 range.

Photo via nrvlowdown's flickr.