We have a friend who was a New Kids on the Block fan a long time ago. In middle school. So long ago! At this point it's like that time never really existed for this friend. Anyway, this friend has much better taste in music now, but still, is wondering if it would kill these guys to play a show in New York City during their collaborative tour with The Backstreet Boys? It wouldn't kill them. We feel pretty secure in saying that it would 99% certainly not kill them. And yet, the closest venue to New York City is in New Jersey.

This friend, never having been a fan of The Backstreet Boys, is also wondering why they are in a collaborative band with The Backstreet Boys—which is a good question, because they really didn't need nine people to make this song (just released, off their new collaborative album coming out in May):

They did this one with just five people!:

[H/T BuzzFeed]