Nicole Kidman

and Jennifer Lopez are going to be starring in a film together, about a "white female swing band that joins forces with a group of black and Hispanic musicians at a time when women were ostracized from playing male-dominated clubs. Those sex barriers shattered soon after President Roosevelt declared war on Japan and the women suddenly played the hottest clubs and even squared off against the Count Basie orchestra at the Apollo Theater." Variety's Michael Fleming also adds that a producer "expects the film to showcase the singing voices of Lopez and Kidman." Gothamist wonders when the addition of Whitney Houston or Janet Jackson will be announced, because, you know, producers might as well throw in the kitchen sink.


Things to expect:
- Reports of on-set catfights, lip-syncing, diva fights, poor test screenings, the director storming off
- Gushing by co-stars about each other's acting and singing abilities, but only during press interviews
- Earplugs being brought to the theaters
- The inevitable Entertainment Weekly cover, as well as a possible Vogue cover
- Some jokes about exes Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck making a movie together