Guys, did you know that Kim Kardashian is getting hitched? To Kris Humphries, the middling New Jersey Nets forward who bought a ginormous 20.5-carat ring for his lady's ginormous...assets. It's all happening this weekend in California, and it's looking like Humphries' teammates will be in attendance, following some uncertainty due to the league's lockout.

During the lockout, players and teams aren't supposed to talk, but the NBA is allowing special permission for Nets general manager Billy King and some other players to attend the sure-to-be-over-the-top nuptials (remember that time Kris Kardashian threw Kim an engagement party with glitter-covered ponies?). AOL has created a helpful infographic breaking down some of the wedding's expenses, including, but not limited to:

  • $20 million: total wedding cost
  • $35 million: Kim Kardashian's net worth
  • $8 million: Kris Humphries' net worth
  • 1000: number of guests invited
  • 20.5: number of carats in Kardashian's ring
  • 9: number of months Kardashian and Humphries have been together

And since this is our Royal Wedding, there will be a four-hour TV special about the wedding that's set to air this October. Khloe must be seething.