It's a lot of work putting decorations up for any holiday occasion, whether it's elaborate Halloween nightmare houses or weird Bergen Street light displays. But for some neighbors in one New Jersey community, putting in effort is not nearly enough—and not meeting their standards is a cause for immediate censure of the rudest variety.

Haddonfield resident Angela Beatty told the Courier-Post that her family received an anonymous note on Christmas that really emphasized the aggressive in passive-aggressive: the writers chastised them for their "fake and lazy Christmas decorations" and requested the Beattys "reflect on your flaws this offseason and correct them for next year." The note also included a "complimentary" box of 100 white string lights to "jump start your 2020 planning."

And perhaps the most insulting part of the letter: the writers, who calls themselves S & V Panel, note that they have moved out of the neighborhood, but are "still evaluating your Christmas Efforts!!!!"

"It was the rudest and most ignorant award from my neighbors," Beatty said of the note. "I’ve had an awful year, so getting this letter hit a nerve." It couldn't have come at a worse time: this year, her family lost a beloved pet, they're nursing an ill relative back to health, and she was just involved in a car accident. Because of all that, Beatty said she was too depressed to decorate big this year, although she did have "blue string lights swirled around a topiary bush at the [home honoring] her father-in-law's service in the New York City Police Department."

Obviously Beatty only has one option for next year's display: revenge-hire the NJ dentist obsessed with sexy mannequins to design her yard, and then blast the song "Rude" by Magic, kinda like the video below.