“No one is ever happy when a vase falls and breaks, especially a nice vase," Republican state chairman Edward Cox’s rep told Page Six this week. What's all this talk about a vase? At a breakfast event with Cardinal Timothy Dolan to preserve the art of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Cox knocked over a 4-foot antique vase that was the centerpiece of the room.

According to the tabloid, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan hosted the breakfast at their corporate offices at One Bryant Park. A witness told them, "It fell to the floor and shattered with a terrible, piercing, sound which stopped the entire room. Ed nervously tried to edge away from the wreckage." He was not asked to pay for the item, however—a BofA rep acknowledged the fault was actually in the placement of the vase, just like that time Harry Whittington apologized for placing his face in front of Dick Cheney's shotgun. The BofA rep also quipped, "the breakfast was a smashing success." LOL$.

UPDATE: Footage of Cox moments before the vase cracked has now leaked: