NY Times food critic Frank Bruni's review of Japanese eatery Ninja made the downtown sub-basement restaurant sound so awful that Gothamist is tempted to go there ourselves. Instead of shelling out $110 for a ticket to see Wicked on Broadway, you can travel through a warren of Shoji screens and have ninjas wait on you hand and foot! Bruni writes, "Each party of diners receives its own nook, which quickly takes on the aspect of a jail cell as the ninjas, delivering and removing dishes, laboriously slide the latticed doors open and closed, closed and open, ad infinitum." It's just like going to Japan, except without the geishas or jetlag! Sure, the sushi isn't that great, but don't you want your servers to be screaming in your ears for a purpose? And don't you want to have a dessert in the shape of a bonsai tree? We'd splurge on an insane night of dining because we're never going to save enough to be rich for the rest of our lives. Admit it - you're intrigued now as well.

And we'd say Bruni doesn't like the Japanese, but he did Masa four stars after a $1,000 dinner for two. Maybe he just had a previous bad run-in with a ninja that left him scarred for life. And speaking of run-ins with ninjas, we are fond of this short film that looks at what happens when your new roommate is a ninja:
A Ninja Pays Half My Rent. And here are reviews of Ninja from Lower Manhattan and Raspberry Heaven.

Photograph from Raspberry Heaven