Back in November, Emma Watson snuck around the city stashing Maya Angelou's book Mom and Me and Mom inside various subway stations as part of the feminist book project, Our Shared Shelf (video documenting this was only released this week). It seems that the self-proclaimed "ninja book-fairy" returned to the city on Wednesday to perform a few more random acts of book-giving, heading to statues of various famous women to drop off books and handwritten notes in honor of International Women's Day.

Watson teamed up with the Book Fairies, a non-profit that promotes literacy through a shared book program, for the latest project, leaving over 1,000 books various places worldwide (in addition to Angelou's book, she left others including Alice Walker's The Color Purple and Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman). Watson, decked out in a red beret, documented her busy day on Instagram, posting videos from the Harriet Tubman Memorial at St. Nicholas Avenue and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem; the Joan of Arc Memorial in Riverside Park; the Gertrude Stein Monument in Bryant Park; and The Eleanor Roosevelt Monument near W. 72nd Street also in Riverside Park.

Sara Lewin Lebwohl was walking her dog Prince (you may remember him from such Gothamist videos as this one) near the Roosevelt statue when they spotted Watson and her bodyguard.

"By the time we got up to her she was snapping pictures of the books she had just laid out," she said. "So we just stood next to her and let her do her art. She motioned for us to get involved and take a book, then jumped in her car. Since we were the only ones there we got to take our time with the pics and book."

You can see the note Watson left up above, and a picture of Prince (with Rajiv Surendra, who happens to be Kevin G from Mean Girls) in the book circle below.

Sara Lewin Lebwohl