Now that the club where Drake and Chris Brown—or at least their entourages—fought, injuring various other patrons (including NBA star Tony Parker), is on the verge of being shut down, the club is fighting back by suing the city of New York!

The company that runs Greenhouse and its basement lounge WiP, where the scuffle occurred, claims it's losing $264,000 a week because of the city-imposed shutdown over code violations. According to the AP, "City lawyers say the club also filed other papers last week seeking to reopen and the matter remains unresolved."

The NY State Liquor Authority issued 14 violations to the club, which is also facing numerous lawsuits from injured customers. Parker, the star from the San Antonio Spurs, says glass from a thrown bottle penetrated 99% of his left eye and that his hopes of competing in the Olympics are now in jeopardy.