Yesterday, New Amsterdam Village, the miniature Dutch village, opened up in Bowling Green Park as part of the ongoing festivities surrounding the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's arrival. Dutch ambassador to the United States Renée Jones-Bos and Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe made the village's opening formal by cutting a Gouda cheese!

As we mentioned earlier, the village consists of 12 traditional Dutch canal houses, a windmill, and a demonstration model of a contemporary Dutch greenhouse. Through Monday 14th, between 11am and 7pm, the public is able to sample and purchase sample and purchase Dutch agricultural products and foods, including stroopwafels, cheeses, herring sandwiches, dollar pancakes, cut flowers, flower bulbs and more. And authentic Dutch people are making wooden shoes, blowing glass, and holding floral and culinary workshops. Here's the full New Amsterdam Village program (PDF) and other NY400 events.

And if you want to know about the Dutch origins of New York names, like Brooklyn (Breuckelen) and Coney Island (Conyne Eylandt), CityRoom got the scoop from Ambassador Jones-Bos.