The Simple Life

With the premiere of the Fox reality show, The Simple Life, with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, tonight at 8:30PM, we have decided to revisit a hilarious interview that E! Online's Kristin did with the girls. It kills us because that troublemaker Norm MacDonald asked what everyone wonders, but is too PC to speculate about: Nicole Richie's skin color.

Norm: "Isn't Lionel Richie a black guy?"
Paris: "She's black!"
Nicole: "I am black!"
Norm: "You're black?"
Norm: "Did you get in any trouble because you're black?"
Nicole: "No! You're so rude."
Norm: "I thought hillbillies didn't care for black people."
Nicole: "They love me."
Paris: "They love her."

Norm: "Because you're not black!"
Nicole: "Yes, I am black."

Norm: "Is your mother black?"
Nicole: "Yes, she's black. Do you want to ask her if she's black? This woman's black [pointing to another partygoer], do you want to ask her?"

Damn, Norm, you're lucky Nicole didn't throw a glass at your face. Although we'd be interested to see a Norm MacDonald vs. Nicole Richie smackdown.