Yesterday, Nicole Kidman was heading into the Carlyle Hotel when a photographer riding his bicycle ON THE SIDEWALK crashed into her. You can hear the paparazzo apologizing, "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" in this video. And, of course, there's another paparazzo—biking on the sidewalk—who takes pictures of the incident.

The photographer, Carl Wu, apparently tried to stop before hitting the Oscar-winning actress, but he didn't break hard enough and Kidman was knocked to the ground. When Kidman was helped up, she says, "I wanna get his name and press charges." But TMZ reports, "Witnesses at the scene tell us ... Nicole has no visible injuries. Cops are saying they will write Wu a ticket for riding his bike on the sidewalk, but will not arrest him for a criminal offense. One cop said, 'An accident's an accident.' " Wu didn't talk to a TMZ videographer at the precinct:

Last night, Kidman told E! News, "It was awful, but I got back up." As for pressing charges, she added, "I was shaken up and I'll deal with it later. I'm here for this [Calvin Klein fashion show after-party] now." As for paparazzi hounding her, she said, "I've lived with it for so long now...[it's sometimes] terrifying. And luckily I got up but there will be a time when someone does not."

Wu was also wearing earbuds—a no-no!