Banksy may have stopped by New York City recently, but a Gawker tipster thought he saw the British street artist last night in the West Village. The tipster reported that Banksy was putting up a piece outside of Thunder Jacksons, saying, "He looks like a guy you would see in the cheap seats at a soccer game...He did come in and have a couple beers at Thunder Jackson's afterwards but he doesn't like to chat." (In fact, Banksy thinks that "creating graffiti murals is better than sex, better than drugs.")

The tipster may want to take it up with Nick Walker, however -- as it is he who is responsible for the new work at the corner of Sullivan and Bleecker, not Banksy.

UPDATE: Bucky Turco from Animal still believes this piece is a Banksy. We disagree-- the style and signature are definitely Walker's.

Update: Wooster Collective has more of Walker's pieces-- fresh from the last few days.