Gawker is stoking the debate over whether street artist Nick Walker is in fact the mysterious millionaire street artist Banksy; we continue to disagree. Nick Walker and Banksy are definitely, positively two different people – although they are both English graffiti artists, and they are friends.

Here in New York, Walker’s been a busy bee, branching out from last week’s work in the West Village to Williamsburg, where aptly-named blog Williamsburg is Dead documented Walker’s big giraffe at the Roebling Tea Room.

The above photograph was taken this morning on Bedford Avenue and South 3rd Street, where Walker has left his mark on the side of the rustic Italian restaurant PT. Let us know if you snap a shot of him in action, so we can settle this debate and move on to more pressing issues, like "Trucker Caps: So Over or So Over They're Coming Back?"