This YouTube video (above) has been up since October, but it's pretty interesting if you haven't seen it already. Charles Nesson invited Nick Sylvester to his Cyber One class at Harvard Law School recently. In the clip, you can see Sylvester get asked if his Village Voice piece was an assertion of art, cheating, or a mistake. Mostly Nesson wants to know why he apologized the way he did, Sylvester's answer was a bit confusing, as is most of what he says. He stated, "when you have rent to pay...and the most incredible girl you've ever met in New York with you and you sort of want to take her to nice dinners once in a while, and when your entire life is in New York City...".

From the Ivy Gate Blog, who hosted the video: "You can only watch Sylvester shoot himself in the foot so many times before it feels cruel, so we cut the 2-hour clip down to seven minutes." Too bad his reading at The Plug Awards isn't up on YouTube.