Five years ago, New Yorkers were lucky enough to see Nick Cave and his amazing Soundsuits in Grand Central Terminal. Now, Cave and his work are at the crossroads of the world, as the December "Midnight Moment" artist.

Between 11:57 p.m. and midnight every night, an artist's work fills the billboards of Times Square, thanks to Times Square Arts, the neighborhood's public art program. (The billboard time is donated by advertisers.) This month, you can see Drive-by Remix, a new version of Cave's 2011 film Drive-by, featuring colorful forms—the Soundsuits—dancing against a white backdrop:

"Times Square is a living representation of America as a melting pot," said Cave said in a statement. "My hope is that by turning our collective gaze up to the city’s sky and taking in the Soundsuits in all their limitless exuberance, we can let some of that positivity seep into our own skins."

Jack Shainman Gallery, which is a partner in showing Drive-by Remix, is exhibiting new work from Cave through December 22nd, 2018.